Provider Spotlight: Tanja Santiago

Our team is comprised of skilled, compassionate, and hard working individuals who work to make an impact on our community. In our provider spotlight, we recognize one individual who has gone above and beyond in the past month.

Tanja is the backbone of our office, providing support, organization, and wisdom to everything we do. Peaceful Waters would not be the same without her expertise and character. She is caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated beyond words!

Here’s what Tanja’s coworkers had to say about her:

“Tanja plays a pivotal role in positively impacting people’s lives in our community, especially when embodying qualities like kindness, professionalism, empathy, and unwavering dedication. Tanja goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone receives the services they deserve, making sacrifices to prioritize the wellbeing of others (including our staff). Her devotion and loyalty create a sense of trust and security, fostering a supportive environment where individuals can open up and seek help. Beyond the office, Tanja is a rockstar momma, juggling the responsibilities of parenthood with grace and love. Her compassion also extends to furry friends as an animal lover and human friends as a bestie to many. Tanja makes the entire counseling experience smooth, efficient, therapeutic, and warmhearted for our practice. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for her!” -Kaylee

“Tanja, you ARE peaceful waters. We would literally fail to survive without your badassery. You hold us together and you encourage and motivate me everyday to strive to be better at my job and a better person. I never thought i would find such an amazing family here but i did and you are the momma kissing all our booboos and making sure we get yum yums in our tum tums. You are organized and such a hard worker. You deserve all the recognition and praise for rocking this ship. Love you, you toaster strudel!” -Kendra

“Tanja is the hero of our work family! Seeing such heartfelt recognition for someone so evidently dedicated and caring warms my heart. Tanja, you’re like a cozy blanket on a chilly day—always there to provide warmth, support, and a comforting presence. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and you’re the go-to person in times of crisis or just for an excellent old venting session, which speaks volumes about your incredible character as a co-worker, friend, and person. 
Your feedback and guidance are like precious gems, guiding me through the maze of challenges with wisdom and care. And your empathy—it’s like a superpower that makes the office feel like a second home. Thank you for being the backbone, the confidante, and the caring spirit that brightens our workdays. Tanja, you’re simply irreplaceable!” -Julie

“Man oh man, what do you say about a no-holds-barred sister-friend?!?! I’ll keep it short, but Tanja has been a deep source of comfort and compassion in some of my heaviest times, a fountain of laughter and joy on a daily basis, and a grounding influence when I’ve needed it most. Tanja’s depth of support and unconditional love for her people is unmatched and I am consistently thankful to be a part of that circle. The universe knew what it was doing that day in the early fall of 2021, standing at her kitchen island and she is telling me about this great practice she works at and if something comes open that’ll she will keep me posted. That was no accident!!” -Beth

“Gosh, where do I even start….Tanja is the glue that holds PW together. She fills many roles beyond her job title and I’m honestly not sure how she does it sometimes. She is intuitive, empathetic, and hilarious. She is extremely hardworking and works endlessly to make sure that everything is taken care of around here and the wheels of PW are running. She also takes care to ensure that staff have what they need (many times before they even ask). She has a special way of knowing when you need a listening ear, a pep talk, or a good laugh (or all 3!). I am so grateful for Tanja and all that she does. She is one special lady.” -Kathryn

“Where to begin… Tanja is a gem of a human being. She is intentional, dedicated, integral, (focused on doing the right thing in a reliable way) informed, resourceful, creative, a leader, strong, quick on her feet, a fire-putter-outer, determined, free to be vulnerable, so funny… and of course a BAD-ASS multiplier of time, resources, connection, knowledge—- all wrapped up in much LOVE and care. This all just scratches the surface but it’s a good start. And of course, she helps bring all the funds too but we can’t forget she brings in the light to our team. Yes, Tanja is a gem of a human being.” -Keiko

“I’m not a great writer of the mushy things. That being said, I have a special affinity for Tanja. She shoots straight and even when she is not feeling well herself, she always takes time to check in with others to see how they are doing. She goes out of her way to hold space and care for the people on her team. She is a rare jewel of a person. She makes people feel seen, heard, and valued. I wish the world were filled with more people like her-the world would be a better place and is a better place with her in it.” -Britney

“From the very beginning, Tanja made me feel an instant sense of belonging, as if I’ve known her my whole life. Her authenticity, grounded nature, humor, and spirited energy create an environment where I not only find camaraderie but also trust in her genuine concern for our well-being. Tanja effortlessly anticipates challenges, offering solutions to problems I hadn’t even considered. Throughout the year, our shared laughter has been immeasurable, and I am profoundly thankful to consider her both a co-worker and friend.” -Katie E

“It takes a special person to display support and professionalism the way Tanja does, especially in a way that I can experience from a remote location! I have never met Tanja in person, however all of my interactions with her leave me feeling confident and cared for both as a person, and as a coworker. I know that if there is ever anything I need I can turn to her for help and it will be taken care of without judgment. We are all so lucky to work with her, and our clients benefit greatly as well because she keeps us all in order! That type of dedication really instills confidence all around. Tanja is the best!!!” -Allison

“While Tanja is a force to be reckoned with, I’ve also found her to be an incredible grounding stone. Her cool and calm demeanor has set the tone for me when working through crises with clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the practice, local resources, and legalities – As a student, this has been invaluable to me! Last, but not least, she is absolutely hilarious and her energy is part of Peaceful Water’s charm!” -Liz P

“Tanja, AKA my work wife and work bestie, brings an extraordinary blend of warmth and resilience to my life. Our relationship has grown over these past 3, almost 4 years and it’s so incredibly special to me. She may not always recognize the depth of her impact, but her dedication resonates profoundly with those who witness it daily. In the moments when she may question her worth, I want her to know that she is seen – seen for the brilliance, the dedication, and the unwavering strength she brings to every task. Her ability to inspire, even when she might not feel it herself. She is truly special, and Peaceful Waters is brighter because of her presence. I love her so deeply!!!” -Ashlyn

“I’m so grateful for Tanja’s support and passion. She truly cares and checks in with all of our staff. I’m especially grateful for all she does behind the scene to make this office run smoothly. It is often overlooked, but she makes this place run in more ways than anyone knows. She doesn’t do it for the recognition, but sometimes it’s important to take a second and celebrate. Her character and heart are unmatched. Thank you Tanja for all you do and all that you are as a person, we love you!” -Josh

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