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Peaceful Waters now offers the Art Therapy-Projective Imagery Assessment (AT-PIA), an art therapy technique that can help identify developmental level, problem areas, strengths, defenses, diagnostic impressions, and potential for productive therapeutic relationships.

What is the AT-PIA?

The AT-PIA is a clinical interview consisting of six drawings administered by art therapists. It was developed in 1973 by art therapists at Eastern Virginia Medical School to provide a systematic art therapy assessment compatible with psychological tests and psychiatric evaluations.
The AT-PIA is administered and interpreted by trained art therapists who can assess mental status, personality dynamics, and diagnostic indicators expressed through artwork, verbal associations, and behavior.

How does the AT-PIA work?

The AT-PIA uses projective drawing tasks with a variety of art materials. The assessment takes about one hour. If not completed in one hour, a follow up session may be scheduled.
The art therapist will administer six drawing tasks and engage in discussion with the client about the artwork and associations that arise. This clinical process combined with the artwork itself provides insight into emotional status, defenses, coping abilities, self-image, and relationships.

What happens after the AT-PIA?

After the assessment, the art therapist will write up a report summarizing findings and diagnostic impressions. This report and digital copies of artwork will be shared with the counseling provider and included in treatment records.

Clients may request a copy of the report and original artwork. A consultation with the art therapist about the results can also be scheduled.

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