About Yoga

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. Like other meditative movement practices used for health purposes, various styles of yoga typically combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.
According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), yoga has been known to: 

  • Relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Decrease chronic low back pain
  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Relieve stress
  • Aide individuals in learning to live in the present moment
  • Alleviate neck pain
  • Decrease pain associated with arthritis
  • Decrease insomnia & improve quality of sleep
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Enhance quality of life
NCCIH is also currently supporting research on how practicing yoga may affect:

  • Diabetes risk
  • Immune function
  • Forms of arthritis
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Smoking cessation.
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Yoga Services:
Individualized Yoga Session: 60 minutes
Individually, intuitively designed custom yoga. One-on-one, specialized attention and guided improvements to the mind and body. Leave feeling challenged and 
empowered in your physical and emotional healing.

Couples Yoga Session: 60 minutes
Relax, enjoy and feel the difference of having the support of a partner in yoga. Be inspired by each other & deepen your connection. Practicing meditation as a couple improves relationships.

Rehabilitation Yoga Session: 60 minutes
Specialized care that encourages and activates your body's own natural healing process. Reverse injury and rebuild the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments with this holistic approach to rehab. Yoga is an empowering compliment to a physical therapy routine.

Special Event Yoga Session: 75 minutes
Make any gathering fun and spiritually inspiring with a special event yoga session. This option is great for wedding parties, family reunions, church groups, girls nights out, or work gatherings! Fantastic way to unwind, grow in relationship, improve productivity, or boost company morale! The complimentary photos will be as memorable as the experience!

Chair Yoga Session: 45 minutes
This option is modified and catered to those wishing to improve mobility & overall flexibility. Benefits include: alleviating joint discomfort, reducing sciatics & back pain, and retaining bone and muscle mass.  Session is highly recommended for those in rehabilitation training and those with disabilities.

Postnatal Yoga Session: 45 minutes
We know that nights can be long and the days can be exhausting. This option is for the momma who wants to reconnect with her body and calm her mind in the first couple of months with her new little bundle of downward dogging joy!

Mommy and Me Yoga Session: 45 minutes
Guided yoga play and learning. Remembering that children are our never-ending inspiration, masters of the art of being present. They challenge us to grow with them daily. We invite you to step on the mat with your child. It's never too early to start!

Online Yoga Session: 60 minutes
Not able to make it into our yoga studio? No worries! We would love for one of our instructors to create a program designed to meet your needs and lead you into new experiences. ​Done in the calming presence of your own home!

International Yoga Retreats: 
Contact us for more details!

Disclaimer: Yoga is generally low-impact and safe for healthy people when practiced appropriately under the guidance of a well-trained instructor. However, people with high blood pressure, glaucoma, or sciatica, and women who are pregnant should modify or avoid some yoga poses. Do not use yoga to replace conventional medical care or to postpone seeing a health care provider about pain or any other medical condition. If you have a medical condition, talk to your health care provider before starting yoga. In addition, please notify your instructor of ANY health ailments before participating in a session.

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